CLIENT / Brydge     ROLE / Designer & Marketer     YEAR / 2019 - Current

CLIENT / Brydge

ROLE / Designer & Marketer

YEAR / 2019 - Current

Brand elements for Brydge, a creator of premium peripherals for mobile and desktop devices. 

As the senior in-house designer, I helped Brydge upscale its brand to a more modern and vibrant aesthetic. While there, I designed a new brand book, swag, advertising campaigns, and email campaigns. 

My role at Brydge involved strategic thinking as well as creative design. With the online & marketing teams, I helped create interesting narratives for ad campaigns, improve sell-through and traffic across their website and amazon, and dramatically increase email open and click-through-rates.


Brydge was using cumbersome and outdated emails to reach their audience. The cost of running these campaigns was nearly outweighing the benefit, so I was tasked with designing a new reactivation campaign & welcome campaign (with fun animations to increase engagement). The result was a 6-fold increase in revenue in only 2 months. 

Ad Campaigns

A sample of the Holiday and Black Friday campaigns from 2019. Both campaigns were the most successful Brydge had ever experienced since their business launched in 2014. 

Brand Materials

The newly updated Brand Book as well as stylish swag.