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CLIENT / Brydge     ROLE / Sr. Designer    YEAR / 2019 -2021

CLIENT / Brydge
ROLE / Sr. Designer
YEAR / 2019 - 2021

An updated website, brand identity, and collateral for a modern tech company.

Brydge is a tech company that specializes in keyboards, docking stations, and other accessories for iPads and laptops. Their adaptable solutions are ideal for on-the-go students and employees.

As the senior in-house designer, I worked on nearly every design-related project including branding, web design, emails & ads, and company swag.


I art-directed and re-designed Brydge's Shopify website.
My responsibilities included: Identifying & removing outdated content, conducting user research to determine the UX, wireframing, prototyping, standardizing a UI kit, and finally designing mockups and implementing them into the live site.

The copy, code & dev, and images & videos were completed respectively by Morgan Hassell, Christian Everett, and Sarah Dotson.

Ad Campaigns

A sample of website banners and ads for various sale campaigns.


I designed a series of "welcome" and "reactivation" email flows, complete with small animations for user engagement. The result of the email campaigns was a 6-fold email revenue increase in 2 months. 

Brand Materials

The updated brand guide as well as updated brand collateral.