CLIENT / Brydge     ROLE / Web Designer     YEAR / 2020

CLIENT / Brydge

ROLE / Web Designer & Art Director

YEAR / 2020

Website design for Brydge after a merger & major period of growth.

Like most companies, Brydge went through a lot of changes in 2020, though luckily most were positive. The company launched its iPad keyboards in Apple stores, forged new partnerships with Windows & OtterBox, acquired Henge Docks (docking solutions for MacBooks), and announced over 16 new products. As a result, Brydge desperately needed a new website that supported its expansion.

I was the designer and creative director of the new site. I created a modern, intuitive experience in Shopify that effortlessly guided users through Brydge's new products. The site refresh is ongoing, and more exciting improvements are made every day.