CLIENT / Flying Hippo Brand + Digital     ROLE / Designer       YEAR / 2021

CLIENT / Flying Hippo Brand + Digital
ROLE / Designer     YEAR / 2021

 A group of contemporary architects who make
daydreams a reality.

Reverie is a fictional re-brand for Finstead Narley Jones Architecture. Why is it fictional? Because this completely flushed out brand identity was created in just 5 business days as part of a last-stage application test for one of the top design firms in Iowa. 

This project is the most intense and rewarding project I've made to todate. It entailed creating a new name, logo, brand identity, marketing materials, swag, and an in-house magazine, in just under a week. It was high pressure and high stakes but showed me (and my client) that I can create incredible work under extremely tight deadlines.