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EXHIBITED / Southern Utah Museum of Art      ROLE / Designer     Year / 2019


ROLE / Design & Illustration

Year / 2019

Illustrations and packaging design for a set of premium collectible playing cards.  

"Lords and Ladies"

A set of luxury playing cards featuring 16 unique illustrations, a custom tuckbox, and an elegant wax seal. The face cards reference famous kings and queens throughout European history, and the complex linework is inspired by Baroque era architecture.

The face cards from each suit represent different European rulers and interweave symbols from their country's history.
Pictured below:

Suit of Hearts - Spain
King of Hearts: Based on
Charles V, King of Spain

Suit of Clubs - Ireland
King of Clubs: 
Brian Boru, King of Ireland 


There are two logos for the card deck. The first circular logo doubles as a wax seal. To make the stamp, I laser engraved a piece of acrylic and then imprinted it into gold sealing wax.


I had the opportunity to exhibit my cards in SUMA (Southern Utah Museum of Art) and host a Gallery talk where I answered questions from faculty, students, and community members about my concept and process.

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