Lords and Ladies

Luxury Playing Cards

A set of luxury playing cards featuring 54 unique illustrations, a custom tuckbox, and an elegant wax seal. The design combines intricate line work with negative space to create a piece that is both complex and minimal. Exhibited in the Southern Utah Museum of Art.

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My fascination with the extravagant Art Deco style strongly influenced my illustrations. The complex patterns, as well as the color choices, directly reference artists such as Erte and Sonia Delaunay.

I wanted the card designs to also have a narrative meaning, so each suit (spades, hearts, etc) is historically significant and represents a different pedigree of famous rulers. Additionally, each face card has its own unique personality.

The cunning, fearless warriors in the suit of spades represent the legendary King Arthur and his entourage.

The rich mercenaries in the suit of diamonds represent King George III and his followers

(This idea may or may not have been inspired by a popular American rap musical)

The Aces

Logo / Wax Seal

To give the deck a more authentic and royal feel, I designed a logo that could double as a wax stamp. I etched the stamp out of acrylic using a glowforge laser engraver and then imprinted the wax seals by hand. 

Tuckbox & Deck

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I had the opportunity to exhibit my cards in SUMA (Southern Utah Museum of Art) and host a Gallery talk where I answered questions from faculty, students, and community members about my concept and process.


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