The Writing Center

Branding Design

A re-brand for Southern Utah University's tutoring center for writing. This project involved creating a new logo, brand guide, and marketing materials. It also involved content creation for social media and digital advertisements.


The new identity personifies the Writing Center's welcoming atmosphere through the use of bright colors, a friendly slab-serif typeface, and organic shapes.


The logo combines two things the Writing Center excels at: communication and writing.

Brand Guide

The brand needed to be rooted in the inviting, teaching philosophy of the company. As such, all the brand elements work together to create a visual atmosphere that encourages people to learn, communicate, and comfortably share ideas.

The style guide itself was designed with elements such as bright colors, bold typographic headlines, and negative space.  I believe that any ordinary concept can be made beautiful with the right approach, and this guidebook was no exception. 


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Marketing Materials

After the brand was established, the writing center needed to promote it's new-and-improved self. The marketing materials consisted mainly of posters, flyers, and social media advertisements. We tackled the complex problem of advertising to a large diverse campus through three distinct target audiences:


General on-campus population: Printed posters about upcoming events and general information about The Writing Center.

Online Population: Monthly social media ads focused on promoting the fun, quirky atmosphere of the Center.

Faculty Population: Specific handouts about how the writing center caters to all-disciplines, improves class attendance, and increases grade averages.

Instagram Ads - Based on Monthly Holidays

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As a result of these marketing materials and strategies, the Writing Center saw a 30% increase in attendance and 25% increase in faculty involvement.

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